Forensic science needs registered reports.

Registered reports (RR) format was quickly adopted by scientific researchers and journals. RR reversing the process of peer review, the reviewers evaluate the proposed method, instead of the data and findings. Editor then accept or reject the article is largely based on a review of pre-collections of data. Accordingly, the RR reduces the incentive for researchers to exaggerate their findings, and they make changes based on data and analysis methods more striking.

They also reduce publication bias, confirming studies with zero or unfavorable results published. RRS is being used in various fields to improve research practices and increase confidence in the findings. The author suggests RRS should be the default way in which validation studies conducted and reported in forensic science. They produce a more reliable findings, the values ​​of criminal justice advance, and will lead to some efficiencies in the research process.

Forensic science needs registered reports.
Forensic science needs registered reports.

Traditional promoted as “toy guns,” air guns have long been used by children and lacks many of the regulatory guidelines as compared to conventional firearms. But these weapons have the potential deadly serious and has caused many injuries and deaths.We describe a 21-year-old man who suffered injuries to penetrate the heart of airguns which causes cardiac tamponade and death. post-mortem examination showed the pellet had penetrated the left ventricle and anterior esophagus with subsequent intraluminal migration to stomach.

Review literature identified 39 other cases of cardiac puncture wounds from air guns. Sternotomy is a surgical approach is most often used and the right and left ventricle is the most frequently affected. Bullet embolization is the most frequently reported complication. Including our case, five deaths related to cardiac penetrating injury of air guns that identified.This report highlights the seriousness of air guns and show the intra-thoracic injury is unique.

Diagnosis of various types of cancer in a single patient has appeared in court in a few case reports involving various categories of cancer types both appear at the same time (synchronous) or next (meta-synchronous). The purpose of this report is to present an interesting case of male patients who are under treatment of CML then T-lymphoblastic lymphoma and HCC was found later. CML, lymphoma and liver cancer that arises from the different cell lines with different biological and cytogenetic criteria. CML and Acute lymphoblastic leukemia can occur together in the case of CML Blastic crisis. However, they rarely occur together as several separate malignancy especially without a history of exposure to ionizing radiation, chemotherapy or transplantation.

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